Monday, January 4, 2016

An Attorney to Lift Your North Texas Traffic Warrant

Outstanding North Texas Traffic Warrants Lifted

Class C drivers and commercial motorists alike are expected to abide by traffic law at all times while behind the wheel in North Texas. In the case that any driver be caught violating the law in any minor way, he or she may be pulled over by police and issued a traffic ticket. Maybe you are one such driver recently issued a traffic citation by law enforcement officials in the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex. Perhaps you were for running a red light, driving over the legal speed limit, failing to yield right of way when you should have, making an illegal turn, or even driving with expired tags. You must respond to your charges by the date that they are due, opting to either plead guilty to your ticket or to challenge it in a court of law. If you opt for neither, the appropriate Justice of the Peace Court of Municipal Court may find cause to issue you a traffic warrant, which is a warrant for your arrest. The only way that you may be sure to steer clear of arrest is by taking swift legal action to ensure that your North Texas traffic warrant is lifted. If you are worried that you would not be able to lift your warrant successfully on your own, you may choose to seek professional assistance in doing so from an area attorney. Please call 817-685-0912 to learn more, or contact me.

North Texas Traffic Warrants Lifted Before Warrant Roundup

Please be advised that an active traffic warrant issued for you by the court is an active warrant for your arrest. Because your arrest is unfortunately imminent for as long as your traffic warrant remains out for you, it may be wise of you to try and get your warrant lifted before your arrest can occur. If you do not take the necessary legal steps to ensure that your warrant is lifted, your arrest will remain a very real possibility, especially during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Also referred to as Warrant Roundup season, this annual event sees local law enforcements placing a special focus on arresting as many motorists as they can who have active traffic warrants out for them. If you are afraid that you will be taken into custody during this year's Great Texas Warrant Roundup because of your outstanding North Texas traffic warrant, consider taking legal action to ensure that your warrant is lifted. Remember that you do not have to attempt to so on your own; a local attorney may be able to help you. Contact me to find out more or call 817-685-0912.

Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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