Monday, March 18, 2013

Carrollton, Texas Warrants Lifted By Attorneys | Speeding Tickets Lawyers

Attorney Works Out Deals On Speeding Tickets In The Carrollton Court

I am a speeding ticket defense attorney that represent clients in the Carrollton Municipal Court.  The attorneys of our law firm can appear in court on your behalf and keep the speeding citation off of your record by requesting deferred adjudication. Not every driver qualifies for the probation on a speeding ticket. You may not qualify if you have a commercial driver's license (CDL), were charged with speeding in a construction zone with workers present, if you recently had a deferred disposition, or if the speed you are accused of is too fast. Most people are eligible and in those situations, I can appear in court for you, work out the best deal I can, and then communicate the outcome to you. Contact me to begin the process of representing you with your speeding citation at 817-685-0912.

Warrant Roundup Begins in Carrollton

A traffic ticket or citation can have severe consequences in Carrollton, Texas. It can lead to the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. At the very least a traffic ticket can lead to an increase of your insurance premiums. It is very important that you recognize the severity of a traffic violation. Jack Byno understands the representation that you need. Contact us before your are picked up during the statewide warrant roundup!Call 817-685-0912.

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Holders Defended in Carrollton

Did you get pulled over while driving a big truck in Carrollton, Texas? If you are a professional driver, you depend on your commercial driver's license (CDL) for your livelihood. A moving violation or speeding ticket could put your job in serious jeopardy. Especially, if you are arrested for a traffic warrant! Do not wait any longer! Attorney Jack Byno lifts warrants fast! Call 817-685-0912.