Monday, March 18, 2013

Dallas, Tx Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyer | Speeding Ticket Attorney

Traffic Ticket Attorney Defends Dallas, Texas Speeding Tickets

Since 1994, Jack Byno have been representing clients with speeding and other traffic violations in the Municipal Court of Dallas, Texas. There are not many attorneys in the entire Dallas - Fort Worth metro area that have as much experience defending speeding tickets. In most cases, he can appear in court on your behalf and workout a deal to keep the ticket off of your record by requesting deferred adjudication. That is a type of probation, that assuming you successfully complete, will result in a dismissal of the case. Contact Jack Byno & Associates at 817-685-0912.

Did You Miss Your Court Date In The Dallas Municipal Court?
If you missed your court date in the Dallas Municipal Court and a warrant was issued for your arrest, Jack Byno, traffic ticket attorney may be able to file a bond to lift the warrant. The State of Texas can suspend your driver’s license for too many tickets or because of your failure to address any outstanding tickets.  If you are unsure if you have a warrant, please call Jack Byno & Associates at 817-685-0912.
Dallas Traffic Ticket Attorney Defends Speeding Tickets

Getting a traffic ticket in Dallas, Texas may not be the worst thing that has ever happened to you. However, a speeding ticket or other traffic citation has its bad points. For example, if you just pay the ticket it will go on your driving record, which in turn, may lead to state surcharges, a driver's license suspension, and/or higher insurance rates. The bottom line: consult with a traffic ticket attorney before you take action on your traffic violation. The attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates are here to help defend your ticket and if need be, we can be retained for trial, as well. For more details, click one of the links in this blog or call 817-685-0912.