Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Irving, Texas Traffic Warrant Roundup Lawyers | Speeding Ticket Attorneys

Irving Speeding Ticket Lawyer lifts Traffic Warrants

Do you need a speeding ticket attorney in Irving, Texas? Did you receive a speeding citation or any type of traffic violation in Texas? Traffic ticket attorney Jack Byno can help you with any ticket you might have received! Contact Jack Byno, Speeding Ticket Lawyer for more information on how he can help you! Call 817-685-0912!

What is the Irving Warrant Roundup?

Irving, Texas participates in the statewide warrant roundup. The Great Texas Warrant Roundup began in 2007 as a way for law enforcement agencies across the state to collaborate, share information and especially to collectively crack down on outstanding warrants for traffic citations and other relatively minor legal violations. Often, police are not particularly proactive about executing these misdemeanor and traffic offense warrants; the warrant roundup helps spur officers into action on warrants that otherwise may go ignored for extended periods of time. Call Jack Byno at 817-685-0912.

Irving Area Attorney Can Help You Fight Unpaid Toll Violations
So let’s say you’ve missed a few tolls in Irving or some where else, and neglected to pay them. Not such a big deal, right? Well, you actually may be in more trouble than you think. Imagine you owed a paltry $5 in tolls. If you forget to pay within a 30 day window, you’ll be assessed a $2.50 late fee, and given another 15 days to pay. After a late notice, you’ll receive a violation invoice with a further $8.25 administrative fee per toll. This is followed by collection service, which includes a $25 administrative fee per toll. Next comes Department of public Safety (DPS) citations (another $25 per toll administrative fee) and justice of the peace courts (again, a further $25 administrative fee, this time along with civil penalties and court costs).  All figured, missing a $5 toll and forgetting to pay for six months can cost you well over $250. The worst part is that you may find yourself with  a warrant for your arrest. Call Jack Byno & Associates for more information at 817-685-0912.

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