Monday, March 18, 2013

Cockrell Hill, Texas Warrants Lifted By Lawyers | Speeding Tickets Attorneys

Speeding Tickets Defended By Attorney In Cockrell Hill Traffic Court

If you have received a speeding ticket in Cockrell Hill, Texas or anywhere else in the County, you need an experienced traffic ticket attorney. I have been representing clients in the North Texas Municipal Courts since 1994. Every traffic court in the State is different and I have represented clients in all of them. The attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates defends speeding tickets on a daily basis in Dallas - Fort Worth area. If you hire us, we will go to court on your behalf and workout the best deal we can. In most cases, we can keep the speeding citation off of your driving record and when necessary you can retian us for a trial. Contact the speeding defense attorneys of our law firm at 817-685-0912.

Cockrell Hill Takes Part in Great Texas Warrant Roundup

Last March, over 250 law enforcement agencies from around the state participated in the Cockrell Hill warrant roundup. Typically, these events occur in the spring though many other cities and jurisdictions conduct other roundups throughout the year. Attorney Jack Byno lifts traffic ticket warrants in the greater Dallas - Fort Worth area! Call Jack Byno at 817-685-0912! 

A Law Firm that Represents CDL Holders in Cockrell Hill 

Are you a CDL truck driver with a speeding ticket in Cockrell Hill, Texas? There is bad news and there is good news. The bad news is obvious to any commercial drivers license holder: you cannot take a defensive driving class, the law prohibits you from being placed on deferred adjudication (probation), and worst of all, as a professional driver this ticket may cost you your job if you are convicted. The good news is that the Law firm of Jack Byno & Associates is here to help you. Our firm is dedicated to only representing people charged with Class C misdemeanors, which include speeding and other traffic tickets. Our firm represents clients on a daily basis in the courts all around the greater Dallas - Fort Worth area and many of a clients are CDL holders. For more information please call us at 817-685-0912.